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Who Are We?

Fandom Coders is a community where any adult in fandom—from total code newbies to coding hobbyists to tech professionals—can share and discuss their coding ambitions, find help getting started or unblocked, and learn new skills and concepts.

Whatever you’re working on, we want to hear about it! From fans just learning HTML for the first time, to those who want to create site themes or build a personal web page, to those who want to create an app or dabble in data analysis, to those who want to get involved with an open-source fandom project, there’s a place for you in Fandom Coders.

Fandom Coders is also a great group to join for those considering picking up some web development skills in the near future, those looking for their next challenge, and anyone feeling stuck in their coding journey. Need a confidence boost to reach for your coding dreams? We’ve got you covered.

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Our Goals

Fandom Coders aims to:

  • increase coding literacy in fandom
  • collect and share accessible tutorials and coding resources
  • connect fandom builders with each other
  • increase the representation of fans in open-source projects
  • empower fans to create and shape the fandom internet they want to see!

Our Origins

The Fandom Coders community is a project of the Fujoverse, an eclectic collection of projects whose overarching goal is to turn the web back into a place of fun, joy, and connection, where people build and nurture their own communities and software.

In addition to Fandom Coders, the Fujoverse also includes the below open-source coding libraries and community projects:

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Fandom Coders is an 18+ community.

How long have you been in fandom? Why are you interested in joining us?

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