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Who Are We?

Fandom Coders is a community where tech professionals and coding hobbyists alike can share and discuss their coding projects , find help getting started or unblocked, and learn new skills and concepts. Among others goals, Fandom Coders aims to increase coding literacy in fandom, and to connect fandom builders with each other to create and shape the fandom internet they want to see.

We welcome people of all experience levels and coding interests: from those just getting started to those who have been in the tech industry for years; from those who want to create site skins/themes or build a personal web page, to those who want to create an app or dabble in data analysis. Current favorite topics include Open Source Software, decentralization, and the changing shape of fandom social media.

This website serves as a member hub and a place to host our wiki; the wiki is a group project of all of our members - a crowd-sourced resource for fandom coders of varying levels. We hope to provide easy-to-follow tutorials and resources specifically tailored to the needs of fandom people.

Our Goals

TO WRITE (see Issue#1).

How to Join Us

Fandom Coders currently exists as a Discord server, with plans to expand to other socials, and eventually hold public online events.

How long have you been in fandom? Why are you interested in joining us?

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What's a BobaBoard realm?

Imagine a forum. Try to modernize it. Make it (mostly) anonymous. Something like that. For more information,

Help! I submitted this form some time ago but haven't received an invite yet!

Woops, sorry about that! We're currently manually sending invites around once a week. If more time has passed, we're either running very behind, or might have accidentally skipped your application.

Feel free to resubmit this form with your email, and let us know you've already submitted a full application before. We'll take it from there.

Alternatively, reach out to Ms Boba on tumblr or twitter. All current members also have the ability to invite new ones.