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Personal Website Club

@Personal Website Builders Club

Members of the Personal Website Club meet periodically to work on their personal websites.

While there is no specific agenda for the club's reunions, members gather together to collectively work, cheer and help each other, or to get accountability for the progress they wish to make.

Since Fandom Coders experienced in wed development are often present during Personal Website Club days, they can be the perfect occasions for beginners to get some focused practice and support.

All Fandom Coders members are welcome to participate in "Personal Website Club" days, regardless of role assignment.

Calling for a "Personal Website Club" day

There is currently no fixed schedule to the "Personal Website Club", and every member is free to call for a new day to be organized (or organize it themselves).

There are two types of Personal Website Club events:

  • Scheduled: These days are organized in advance and added to the Discord event calendar. A survey might be run to find a day and time that works for most members.
  • Impromptu: Members who want to work on their own personal website can simply declare such a day and see if others want them to join on their endeavor.