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Personal Website Club

@Personal Website Builders Club


Members of the Personal Website Club meet periodically to work on their personal websites.

While there is no specific agenda for the club's meetings, members gather together to collectively work, cheer each other on, offer help, or get accountability for their goals and progress.

Since members of Fandom Coders who are experienced in web development often participate in Personal Website Club days, these events can be the perfect occasions for beginners to get some focused practice, support, and advice from fellow club members.

All Fandom Coders members are welcome to participate in Personal Website Club days regardless of role assignment.


Officially, the Personal Website Club meets every week on Saturdays, and each event runs all day to accomodate members from different time zones.

Scheduling a Personal Website Club day

There are two types of Personal Website Club events:

  • Scheduled: These days are organized in advance and added to the Discord event calendar.
  • Impromptu: Members who want to work on their own personal website can simply declare such a day and see if others want them to join on their endeavor. You can declare an impromptu Website Club meeting in the #personal_website_club channel on the Discord server by simply announcing it.

If you are a member of the Website Club and would like your site to be featured here, check out the pinned messages in the #personal_website_club channel to find out how to submit yours!

Name of site:

Name of site creator: enigmalea

Description: A personal site! I've been slowly working on it for a while over various personal website club meetings (and in between). My home on the internet.

Tools: VSCode, React, Docusaurus

Host: Netlify

Domain Registrar: namecheap, moving to porkbun in November 2023

Name of site: cmdonovann on neocities

Name of site creator: CMDonovann

Description: This is my art site, as well as a kind of central hub for links to other places to find me online and other projects I work on. I've worked on redesigning it once or twice during the website club; most of my work on this site has been on its style as I learn more about css.

Name of site:

Name of site creator: CMDonovann

Description: This is a fansite for my favorite video game, Quantum Break (2016). Recently I've been using the website club as an excuse to mess around with css and js for a work-in-progress fanfiction archive, as well as a gallery of icons featuring characters from the game. You can find its GitHub repo here.

Tools: I use VSCode as an editor, and use this "deploy to Neocities" tool from GitHub for both my sites.

Host: Neocities